Gwen and fellow author Nancy Robinson Masters rocked with 5th Grade readers at Excelsior ISD.

Gwen and fellow author Nancy Robinson Masters rocked with 5th Grade readers at Excelsior ISD.

Gwen signing books.

Gwen Choate signing books at Kroger.

The lessons life teaches us are not meant to be kept. They are to be passed on to others, which is why this interview means so much to me. It’s my lesson being passed on.


I’m a person who believes in dreams. Not the kind you have when you’re asleep, but those that grow in your heart and mind.

The kind that sent me on a search of historical adventures in the Wild West and prompted me to write about life in dugouts and the shameful behavior of hide hunters who roved the plains, killing buffalo for their hides and leaving the carcasses to rot where they fell.

Also dreams that explored the joys and passion of young love. The kind that stirs the heart with kindred pain and pleasure as the “ever-after” romance unfolds.

But I believe that for all of us, there is always one dream that goes deeper, resonates more, and offers a greater sense of fulfillment.

Mine called to me as the story of Althea unfurled itself — almost unbidden. It came of bits and pieces inside me and of others I saw around me. How life was for us. . .

A beautiful young girl finds herself trapped between the intoxicating rhythms surging inside her and laws of a commune where females wear restrictive sack garments and cannot dance.

In a sense, Althea is many of us–if not all. With her, we explore what it means to be tied to roles that family, friends, or our culture impose on us.

I’m glad you stopped by for this visit and I hope you’ll stick around for the entire story.

12 thoughts on “Home

  1. Thanks, Ann. I value a compliment from you because you’re always right on target with your heart-tugging novels such as THE PHANTOM PILOT and ALL FOR LOVE, and I’m looking forward to reading THE PHANTOM STUDENT.

  2. Great story, Gwen. It touched my heart. All too often as humans we don’t have
    the courage to listen to the music inside and fulfill our longings–maybe that is why we have such an addictive society. We all find things to numb us rather than venturing out of our comfort zone and really living.

  3. So beautiful Gwen. It’s true, no one should ever have the ability to impose their will on others. We must always strive to grow and learn and we must always educate people on their own human rights to exist and live the life they wish to live.

    • Thanks, Elyse. You continue to inspire me with your own stories of those who deal with handicaps and challenging situations. We learn and grow as others teach us. You’ve proved that.

    • Hey, everyone! I’ve just gotten a copy of Myrna Johnson’s delightful children’s book, LET’S TAKE A HIKE, and I love it. If there are kids, grandkids, or friend-kids in your life, you can do them no bigger favor than to give them this colorful book.

  4. I Love the story I can relate to Althea. I also had the music inside but w/2 left feet,hahaha…my sister and I use to dance in the livingroom when mother wasn’t arround and to this day we laugh about it. So thank you for the wounderful story.

  5. I saw my friend Mary Smith (the one whose daughter was healed of cancer on 9/11/01–from writers’ group) last evening. She says Thomas Nelson Publishing wants to publish her book. She’s in need of guidance. Please email me for her phone number. Thank you!

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